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Frio River in Texas

Trip Overview

I put in just outside downtown Lakey, Texas at the bridge just north of town. A local outfitter followed me down stream to my destination beforehand to drop off my car.

As you get in the river the current is pretty swift as the water is rushing through large pipes under the road from one side to the other.

As I made my way away from the drop off bridge the river is pretty quite. Along the north side of the river there is 2-3 homes built along side. Don't worry... soon you will be away from civilization and in to the wilderness.

About a mile down stream you start feeling a real since of nature. With the sounds of the river, the white tailed deer running free, and the Guadalupe Bass swimming near by-- you are at total peace.

The river is crystal clear and is full of large limestone rocks. It has some deep areas for swimming but for the most part the river is consistently about 4-5 foot deep.

I encountered a pretty good 4 foot waterfall down stream... and yes I flipped the kayak. My nose went straight down and through me out into the river. It was fun to get wet. The water was probably 75 degrees or so. It was a little cold at first but warmed up soon after... you know that feeling.

A little further down from the water fall the river takes a dog leg left turn into a big rapid. This was the best rapids of the trip... probably about 100 yards of good rapids.

Once or twice I had to get out of the kayak due to shallow spots. This offered a good time to stretch my legs. There are not very many places to get out for camping or a picnic. The land on either side is very well posted. However, there are some islands in the stream that can be used.

As I ended the 3 hour trip I came to my destination bridge. One thing I did not take notice of was the danger of the pipes going under the road at the bridge. I would recommend getting out of the river before getting to close as you could get trapped inside of the big pipes.

To summarize the short trip was fun and eventful. It gave me just enough time to escape into nature's enduring adventure and beauty.


From Fort Worth, Texas take Hwy 377 to Junction (5 hour drive). From Junction take 43 South to Lakey.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

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