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Flint River in Georgia

Trip Overview

We put in just north of Sprewell Bluff (There is a $5 launch fee at Sprewell, if you put in there), and the rapids weren't too bad. Medium river level was around 7 feet.

Sprewell shoals weren't too difficult to navigate. Once we hit Yellow Jacket shoals it was a little rough. A few 2-3 foot rapids, so unless you have some experience, you might want to put in past Yellow Jacket Shoals.

About 20 miles past Yellow Jacket Shoals, things leveled out. There was a small amount of white water, but nothing difficult. It is very shallow in some parts, and we had a few people get stuck and they had to walk their yaks out of the shallows.

Once we were past all the white water, we made it to Hwy 19 and it was pretty smooth sailing from there. During the weekend it appears there is a bit of boat traffic, so stay close to the shore if possible.

After Hwy 96 there were some downed trees that stretched the whole river. We were able to make our way through them, but be warned, we did see a few snakes enjoying some time on the trees in the sun.

At this point the river does some winding, really hard. There are several parts that have islands, and if you go on the wrong side, you could be adding up to a half a mile to your trip, so be sure to know your route.

We took out at Crooks Landing. There was a ton of bugs, so spray yourself down before you take out.

Overall, our trip was just shy of 83 miles. It was a fantastic trip, and the Flint is the cleanest river I have ever kayaked on.

Now 83 miles is a long trip, and unless you have a lot of Kayaking experience, I wouldn't attempt it. A slightly shorter trip would be to put in just past yellow jacket shoals and take out at Highway 19.


There were plenty of sand bars to camp on, and more than enough islands. Sand ranges from really course to fine, and everything in between.


2 Dagger Calistos, 1 Perception Catalina, 1 Perception Eclipse


$5 launch fee @ Sprewell Bluff

PAY IT! It's worth it! Very nice launch!


Sprewell Bluff isn't hard to find. It's a state park. I'd suggest putting in there, as the landing we went to up north was jam packed. It's worth the $5!

  • Duration: 2-3 Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

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