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Flat Lake in Louisiana

Trip Overview

Louisiana Moonlight Paddle

Lien (my girlfriend) and I had put in at the Doiron Landing (N29 45.760', W91 10.580') for the first time around 7:00 pm for a moonlight paddle. There is a $3 launch fee per boat, you have to pay at the gas station on the opposite side of Hwy 70 to launch.

We got started a little later than we hoped to. The moon was already over the horizon behind us. From here we crossed the intracoastal canal and into bayou long. In which we saw three beavers on the right side in the only bend in the bayou. I had seen beaver before from a distance, and they're not that common where I live. I had no idea they could get so big. I'm used to seeing nutria which are about half as big. We also heard a coyote in the woods behind us. Their population seems to be on a rise these past few years.

Once we made the bend we could see the lake. The sun had already set but the view was beautiful. We followed the right hand shore of the lake which was dotted with tall cypress trees that shot out of the water. It was very shallow, about a 1-1/2 deep where we were, due to the lack of rain this season. (This lake is fed by the Atchafalaya Basin.) It was about 3 lower than the highest waterline on the surrounding cypress trees.

We just drifted for a while to take in the transition from day to night. The lake began to come alive. Birds of different kinds including a bald eagle started flying into the surrounding trees to roost for the night. We saw a pair of baby wood ducks swimming around the base of a cypress tree. Then frogs began to chime in and all at once hundreds of fish began to pop the surface of the water. It sounded like a water fall. I had never seen this behavior before in such volume. And as far as the eye could see we saw egrets, great blue herons, and rosetta spoonbills wading and feeding in the shallow water. There was a slight haze in the sky, so it wasn't as bright as I had hoped it would be. It was a memorable experience that Ill carry with me for the rest of my life.

Authors Note: Don't mess with any crawfish traps or jug lines in this area, for it is the only means of support for some of the local fisherman, who are very friendly and helpful with directions and tips if asked. Just looking at the map of surrounding areas, one can plan many routes to take including crossing the lake to the Atchafalaya basin.


Gas station has Food & Drinks, Restrooms.
RV & Tent Camping allowed at Lake End Park. Restooms, electrical hookup, showers.(Also another paddling option in Lake Palourde)


$3 Launch fee per boat, per day. I think $10-$15 to camp overnight at Lake End Park. Run search on internet for: Lake End Park Morgan City, LA


From Hwy 90, take Brashear Ave Exit (SR 70). Follow 70 past the Lake End Park on your right. Then 70 takes a sharp curve to the right. Lake Palourde will be on your right, and a levee will be on your left. Stay on 70 and follow Levee until you get to a break in the Levee. There will be a sign "Doiron's Launch" (Pronounced DWA-RON). There will be a gas station on the right. This is where you have to pay to launch.


Quad Map
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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