Feather River in California

by  pfflyer

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Trip Overview

Below the mighty Oroville dam there is a dammed up portion (a fish barrier dam) of the Feather River. The river is wide 1000 ft or so and very slow moving, the scenery is very beautiful, with lots of pine, oak and scattered fern trees, lots of rock outcroppings with large car size rocks in the water near shore, several coves are along the banks to enjoy and explore. There are many places to beach and hike around. This is a heavy N. California history area from the old gold miner days, along with the largest Chinese settlement (for its time outside mainland china). This portion of the river is only 5 miles or so long but here you can see coyotes, fox, free range cattle, eagles, osprey, river otters, beavers and lots of deer, all in the splendid view of the largest flat top mountain in the state,(a,k,a, table mountain).

The water is quite cold in this portion of the river as it is drawn from around 200-500 ft under Lake Oroville, which is around 1000 ft deep, the clarity is very clear. This area below the dam is called Burma Road Recreation Area or to locals, the diversion pool. A great place to cruise around and enjoy the really fantastic scenery (no power boats allowed).

It's only minutes from town and the lake, with a world premier mountain bike trail, 35-miles long with water around the entire trail. For those who wish a longer paddle just below the fish barrier dam you can paddle the feather for 35-40 miles to the convergence of the Sacramento River, which you can paddle to the Pacific Ocean if you wish!! Oroville is located 65 mi. north of Sacramento CA. on hwy 70, for more info call the state parks and rec. dept here in Oroville or call the Oroville chamber of commerce for info and maps, great area to paddle in with several choice paddle areas to choose from. Enjoy!!


Hotels, motels state camp grounds most fast food places with 10-12 good restaurants around town, a must see is the visitor center above the Oroville dam with a super natural history museum and film theatre all free!


Interstate 5 to Sacramento then hwy 70 to Oroville (60mi.) Oroville dam is 10mi from highway 70 on hwy 162 through town. Burma rd. is accessed from Cherokee rd. on the no. side of the Feather River above the fish hatchery and barrier dam.


101 things to do in Oroville is avail from the chamber of commerce free of charge and it's true there are 101 great things to do here all at a country pace to boot!

Trip Details

  • Trip Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

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