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Fall Creek / Geist Reservoir in Indiana

Trip Overview

This report complement's the one currently posted but adds some detail.

We put in at Geist Park, which has the facilities featured in the other report such as nice restrooms, children's playground. Geist Park is located off of Florida Road with closest cross street being 113th. You would take 113th east off of Olio Road to get there.

No put in fees at this Park. If you put in and go right (west) you can go toward the east end of Geist Lake which has channels, lots of algae, shallow, muddy and the further you go towards the Olio road causeway, many mansions; including Reggie Miller's.

Admidst all of this are Great White Egrets, beautiful swans; probably a dozen in this area. There are lots and lots of blue heron. We saw several blue heron spear fish out of the water. There are so many that they are frankly common, but still so cool to watch. They are very skiddish and fly off with that low, trademark croaking as they leave their roost in a huff.

We were fortunate to just build up enough speed to hit a channel current to follow a family of swans. I was surprised at how big the younger totally gray swans are.

There were also many beautiful water lilys and lots of lilly pads on the north side of the lake.

I recommend putting out back at Geist Park when done versus going under the Olio causeway. I just don't like all the gas and that area where they want you to put out. Depending what day it is and who is working, they will charge you $8 to put in/out.

Getting back to Geist Park and which way to go, if you put in and go east you head down Fall Creek. There are small cottage like homes along the river and you are going against the current and it is not too bad and worth the effort. There were a few times we had to get out and walk our kayaks over very low trees or where the creek was shallow. The creek was really down and we were a few days away from the City's first 100 degree day in 20+ years.

The water started to get clearer (yay) and one could see the bottom. After a mile, there are just woods and no homes. We saw green herons, a kingfisher, and (praise God) a bald eagle. The second time we saw him, where he was not flying away from us, he was on a low branch and looking for fish. We just were silent and treaded water for 3-4 minutes until he flew away. I was so stoked and can't wait for the heat to subside so we can go see Sam (yes, I named the eagle) again. We were in Sea Eagle 330s and our most novice. We did not get to go on a vacation this year so seeing the bald eagle made me feel like I was out west where I would normally see them.


nice restrooms, children's playground




Geist Park is located off of Florida Road with closest cross street being 113th. You would take 113th east off of Olio Road to get there.

  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

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