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Eagle Creek in Indiana

Trip Overview

The put-in is in Lions Park under the S.R. 334 bridge. You can use either side of the bridge, but the south side tends to be muddy and slippery.

According to the NOAA web site the gauge was at 2.0 the day of our trip. We made this trip with two Liquidlogic Zirconia tandem kayaks and a Dagger Blackwater single kayak.

About 150 yards downstream is the first riffle. Its about 40 feet long with a 3 or so boulder on the left. The way through is to the right of this rock. Immediately after the riffle you have to make a right turn to avoid a small island. One tandem and the single made it through with no problem, but the second tandem went to the left of the rock, got slightly stuck and the stern went to the right, pinning the middle of the boat on the rock crosswise. The upstream side of the boat went under a bit, filling it with water pretty quickly so it took several minutes to get the boat off the rock.

The rest of the trip was fairly smooth. There were several tight bends and a few had strainers on the outside that took some quick steering to avoid. We had a few occasions where we dragged bottom and became stuck for a short time. There were several small drops over rocks that added to the fun.

When you cross under the old arched railroad bridge you can get a great echo off the arch of the bridge if you time your yelling right.

Shortly after the I-865 bridges there is another drop with several submerged rocks just about midstream. The best way through is river right.

The takeout is on river right, either just past or just before the bridge at Ford Road. There is room to park 2-3 vehicles there.

All in all a great trip, especially for after work. If the water were any lower it would be difficult in some of the riffles, but definitely one to do again.

See a report on a section of this river from Turkey Foot Park to Lions Park in this report which also includes a few updates to this section.


There are restrooms available at the park.




The put-in is at Lions Park in Zionsville, IN, along S.R. 334. To get to the takeout follow S.R. 334 west to Ford Road, then Ford Road south about 1.5 miles to 96th Street (just before the bridge) there is parking for 2-3 vehicles on the south side of 96th Street.
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

Locations on this Trip