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Deerfield River in Massachusetts

Trip Overview

I put in where Rte 5 and the Deerfield cross. The put in was a somewhat of a chore -- steep bank to deal with and tall weeds. I paddled upstream and found this to be a good workout.

The river's water was one of the cleanest I have yet to paddle on. Most on the river has a sandy bottom on the first mile or so and clean. I took a short swim to take in the coolest of the river and just amazed how clean again the water and river was. Not much plant life growing on the river bottom and not many fish did I see. I did see a Bald Eagle on the way up river and also on my return.

There are some shallow places in the river that you have to get out and walk upstream with your kayak to get to deeper water but worth it. There are a lot of deep spots in this river in the 8-10 foot range and surely a place to enjoy the water swimming.

I did see a family of about 10 or so Merganser ducks swimming in one spot of the river. They all posed for me along a fallen tree that was in the river. Had the camera ready and got a nice shot of them. I did notice a few tires in the river and hope someday that they get taken out.

This is surely a place I'm glad I had the chance to paddle. Great place to enjoy. You can put in up stream and paddle down to the Connecticut River which would be great. The sighting of the Bald Eagle again on my return trip made also for a great day of paddling. This river surely is a gem and all should be done to protect it. A place to paddle and enjoy the river and what it holds.


There are a few motels/hotels in the Deerfield/ Greenfield Area




I-91 North to Exit 24 Rte 5 turn right Rte 5 North go about 5 miles toward Greenfield. There will be a large railroad bridge on your right this will be your put in. Park under the railroad bridge on your right


Mass. Road Map
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

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