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Clendening Lake in Ohio

Trip Overview

Clendening is one of the quietest of the Muskingum Watershed Conservation Lakes that were created in the 1930s to address flood control, drought, erosion and forestry needs, but have become primarily recreational lakes in recent years. Because it is wedged between two other MWCD lakes (Tappan to the North and Piedmont to the South) and slightly farther from major population centers, it is generally quieter than the others. The 10 hp motor limit also makes it a much more pleasant place for paddlers. Generally, you'll only find a few bass boats and pontoon boats on the water. On my last trip, I only encountered one other boat in my two hour paddle--a Mennonite family fishing off their pontoon boat.

It is also a lake that is relatively undeveloped. Most of the shoreline is free of roads and cabins. Forested hills rise up from the shore, and there are lots of small caves and rock ledges you can explore if you choose to leave your boat (but be prepared for hiking through undergrowth.)

Like all of these lakes formed by the damming of small streams, Clendening has a series of long fingers, and paddlers can escape most of the other boat traffic in the shallow waters at the ends of these fingers.


You can put in a kayak or canoe at least three locations:

1)The crowded Marina on the south side of the lake;

2) a small gravel put in just east of Tippecanoe on the north side of the lake; and

3)if you're willing to carry/slide your yak or canoe down a steep grassy hill, at the dam on the east end.

The dam has clean, well-maintained bathrooms, nice picnic facilities and a playground.
The marina has smaller, more primitive toilet facilities.


From the north:

Take I-77 south to 250 and Uhrcihsville. From there go south on 800.

From the south:
Take I-77 north to US-22. Head east past Salt Fork Lake(good day paddling) to 800. Take 800 north to Tippecanoe, or peel off at 799 if you want to go to the Marina


Muskingum Watershed Conservation District. Here's their general website with info on all of their lakes:


Check the MWCD website. Also, "Sportsman's Connection: Southern Ohio Fishing Map Guide" has a great map and other information.

  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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