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Chilhowee Lake in Tennessee

Trip Overview

Chilhowee Lake/Abrams Creek

This is an update on the previous report by another author.
Chilhowee Lake is currently being lowered due to repairs being made on the dam, and the lake is down considerably and is still being lowered. If you can get down to the water without getting bogged down in the mud, and don't mind the smell, it is still a good paddle from a historical perspective. You can see old road beds and home sights from before the lake was formed.

If you get out and walk the banks you can find antique bottles, plates, and other household items from a bygone era (though I would not recommend keeping anything, I've been told it's illegal to collect these "artifacts". I have even heard of someone's kayak being confiscated when they were caught with some of these items in their possession).

If you paddle to the mouth of Abram's Creek, you can see the old sunken bridge with a jeep and pickup truck still sitting on it. I highly recommend paddling Abram's Creek when the lake is back up to suitable levels, hopefully sometime next year. It's not a very long trip but it is a beautiful one.


There are boat ramps and porta-potties


No fees required


Take highway 129 south along the shore of Chilhowee Lake. As the lake curves away from the road the infamous "Dragon" begins. Count 12 curves up of the 318 and turn right down the old Calderwood Road to the end.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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