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Chickasabouge Park in Alabama

Trip Overview

As the other report from the Chickasabogue Park (Chickasaw Creek) stated, this is typical southern river. I took the advice of that writer and I too decided to head up stream. After about half mile you get to your first downed tree that doubles as a blockade for powerboats. From that tree onward it was just us and nature. The river is very scenic, rustic, and enjoyable.

However, around every bend is a downed tree or branch that requires some maneuvering or ducking. If the water were any higher, the trip would not be possible due to the quantity of downed trees and their distance to the water. It hadn't rained in Mobile for about 2 weeks when we went and the trees were still only about 3 feet off the water. But I will say this, its makes the trip pretty adventurous because its not as simple as just paddling up and back again

While there are a couple of very shallow and seemingly un-traveled tributaries worth exploring on the park side of the river, b/w I-65 and Hwy 213, for my money the north side of the river, beyond Hwy 213 is the best.

As we paddled one of the tributaries on the park side, we got to our first downed branch when we realized there was a hornets nest swarming with angry bees that prevented us from going any further. Due to the amount of little branches coming off of that main branch I dont think we could have passed the obstacle without disturbing the swarm and being stung into a coma. Therefore we doubled back and continued north on the main river.

North of 213 the river is shallow, the current is stronger, and the scenery is much more fantastic for some reason. With that being said I would recommend launching at 213 instead of at the park. There are places to put in on either side of the bridge; you just wont have the same security for your vehicles.

All in all, I really enjoyed this trip. Not boring, very clean (from human trash any way) and very scenic. I took some pictures that would have you guessing what part of the country I was in!

You can make it an overnighter with assigned primitive camp spots, or you can make it an enjoyable day trip. Either way you will enjoy it!


Camping at the park; the city of Mobile is just 10 minutes away.


$1 per person at the park


I-65 to exit 158. Turn west of the interstate and immediately turn south onto hwy 213. Then follow the signs to the park or exit just before the bridge on the east side of the road.
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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