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Bonnie Lake in Washington

by  Jeffory

A self-supported trip created by Jeffory

Trip Overview

I have visited Bonnie Lake several times over the past 10 years. It is a welcome respite from the clutter of our daily lives. As stated in several of the other entrees access to the lake is easy and interesting.

The first time I took my wife to the lake, her comment was "What lake?? All I see is a little stream." Indeed that is all that you can see as you get underway. The creek meanders back and forth through lush pasture land. Do not be surprised to see a cow or two on your journey. Remember be respectful of the land, it's all privately owned with the exception of the island and a bit of space on the shore near to the island.

You should see many different kinds of wildlife along the creek. I look forward to seeing the beaver dam, as that is new to me. As you paddle up the lake, along the west side, the basalt cliffs plunge all the way to the water. Along the waterline the cliff is cut back far enough to get a canoe out of a sudden rain shower.

In the spring these basalt cliffs are home to thousands of Swallows. They build their nests of mud gathered from the eastern lake shore. I would imagine that the bass find this a nice hangout as well. The best fishing is from Spring into mid summer. After that time, the algae bloom is pretty bad, and in my experience there are few fish interested in a hook. But none the less this is still a beautiful place to visit and explore. On one trip to the lake we spotted some Cormorants drying their wings at the north end of the lake.

All in all, Bonnie Lake is a wonderful place to visit, whether you fish or not, DO remember to take your camera!






From the south end of Cheney, Washington turn onto the Cheney-Plaza road. After about 15 miles the road splits into Rock Lake Road going forward and the Cheney-Plaza Road going left.
Continue on Rock Lake Road and turn left on Belsby Road.
Continue on Belsby Road for about four miles. The road drops down into the canyon and the creek can be seen at the bottom. The put in is at the far end of the bridge on the right side.

The landowner asked that people park on the wide turn at the bottom of the hill before the bridge because they have big trucks that pull out of the fields. Parked cars have blocked them in at times. Unload your gear at the bridge and park at the turn.

Trip Details

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

Trip Location