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Blackstone River in Massachusetts

Trip Overview

The years have not been kind to the Blackstone river.

We entered in the Canal at the Blackstone River & Canal Heritage building 325 Oak St Uxbridge. There is plenty of parking and easy water access. We had nice paddle down to the foot bridge just before the mill where we got out and walked across to the river about .1 mi with a nice picnic area in between where we had lunch.

After entering the river we encountered several area's where trees has fallen, most were easily navigated around/under however there was one point where the current pulled us to the right of a fallen tree the was covered in a curtain hanging poison ivy vines that could not be avoided. Unfortunately this tree is around a bend and could not be seen ahead of time to avoid. This was only two days ago so we're still not sure if we're going to break out. At this point if you paddle hard to the left you can get through by going under the fallen tree as long as you are in a kayak. There was group of canoes that was travelling behind us and they had to turn and go back at this point.

There were several points along the way where you could go left or right we went right the first few times, each time we got stuck in too shallow water encountered more fallen trees and poison ivy. If you try this I would recommend staying left at whenever possible.

There was a good mix of flat water with a bit of a current to help you along as well as a few class I rapids. If if weren't for so many fallen tress it would have been a very nice trip. It was a nice quiet area with pretty trees and interesting rock formations. We saw swans, ducks, geese, beavers and blue egrets along the way.

We parked the 2nd car at the Blackstone Gorge where we ended at the damn. The damn is well marked with blue barrels and there area where you can land at an easy launch site with an easy trip back up to the lot where there was plenty of parking. The entire trip was about 9.1 miles.

Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this trip unless you launch from way down river closer to the central st bridge.


Both area's had plenty of parking easy in and out access to the water as well as walking trails along the river.




325 Oak st is just off of Hartford Ave off 122 or just off RT 16 before 16 and 122 intersect.

The Blackstone gorge parking area is at the where Country St and Staples Lane meet both Country and Staples are off of 122 in Blackstone just north of the Rhode Island boarder.


I only used the Google maps GPS app on my phone, mostly to see how are along we were. There was no time when we didn't know where to go.

  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Group Rates: No

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