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Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana

Trip Overview

Alabama Bayou to Bayou Des Glaises

I put in at the new launch by the visitors center the day before. The open canal leading to Alabama Bayou was still and little to no current. On this day, I decided to put in further down the bayou to hopefully be able to reach Bayou Des Glaises.

The parking area down Alabama bayou road, which as you may guess follows the bayou, was my launch. I found a little couple yards-trail cutting to the bayou from the road. Crossing under the bridge that is only open to the hunting camp and those with camps back along Bayou Stiff is just before that bayou joins with Alabama bayou. I went back up Bayou stiff for a while, and it's really nice. Much more narrow than the main. Green covers the surface of the water to give the impression of paddling through a manicured meadow - doesn't add any resistance to the paddle and closes in behind you leaving no trail.

Lots of photo opportunities back here. A barred owl nests with its partner and young right on the turn from Alabama up Stiff. I paddled back out and down Alabama Bayou to Bayou Des Glaises. I was taken off my charge by two guys who grew up back here. They had just pulled up an alligator gar that one had to shot with three arrows and called the other in order to get it into the boat. That was exciting enough and it was threatening to rain, so I caught a tow back up and called it a good day.


There are primitive camp site at the Sherburne Complex and a rifle range if you're feeling squirrelly. I did see some shells the day before on a spot by the southern edge of the camping area - so wear orange!


hunting/fishing or Wildlife stamp.
fill out self check in/out.


From Baton Rouge take I-10 west to 975. Take north to the Sherburne Complex.
Either park and launch there or go down Alabama Bayou rd and launch at the parking area.

I also went 190 to the eastern toe of the Atchafalaya Bridge and went south on 975.
That seem to be less driving on gravel road which I wasn't sure of the speed limit, so I took it slow.


GPS and topo map.
Kiosks have info, birds lists and maps.

I can see where water levels on the Atchafalaya River by Krotz Springs might be a concern.

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

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