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Altamaha River in Georgia

A self-supported trip created by Blackwater-Paddle-Cl

Trip Overview

Altamaha River Trip:

March 25th-April 1st, 2014

Marty Thompson (Jackson Cuda 14')
Jimmy Thompson (Jackson Cuda 14')
Charlie Mitchell (Hobie Mirage Pro-Angler 14')

Highway 221  Altamaha State Park (102 miles)

Day 1:
21 miles, embarked @ 1030hrs

  • We took "Fools' bypass route" through the trees and wound up going around Mickey Mouse's ears� "I'm coming out backwards".
  • Charlie burned our dinner in his Dutch oven and went bobbing for it after it slipped off his shovel while he was cleaning it.
  • Marty forgot his blanket bag he was cold and snored all night
  • 0200hrs a truck came down the road

Day 2:

27 miles, embarked @ 0900hrs

  • Ate MRE lunch on landing and met old man
  • Saw a bald eagle
  • VERY windy day 12-15mph in our face BRUTAL!
  • Ended out day at 1645hrs at "Mule Landing"
  • We all took a cold bath in the stream
  • 0515hrs heard a deer snort

Day 3:

26.4 miles, embarked @ ????hrs

  • Woke up at 0530hrs as Marty thought it was 0630hrs
  • Marty said we'll have a "light day of paddling boys, we'll make camp around noon" which came to be the antithesis of the day's journey!
  • 7-9mph wind in our face
  • Saw a bald eagle
  • Saw several Osprey
  • Charlie gave me the definition of a "Crow" � they are black, loud, and like shiny things
  • The skies darkened and threatened a downpour, Charlie realized he forgot the communal tarp in his truck
  • Arrived at Jaycees Landing @ 1215hrs at phoned Rj to get us some beer and a replacement communal tarp
  • Encountered intermittent rain/sprinkle around 1400hrs
  • We bypassed a campsite as the foliage was too thick and wasn't suitable for setting up our hammocks� We continued on exhausted each of us doubting the others' decisions
  • Saw some dry land amongst the swamp and made camp at 1600hrs, I dubbed the spot "Salvation Point"
  • In bed by 2100hrs

Day 4:

0 miles!

  • Woke up at 0730hrs�. I turned 37 today!!!
  • Ate breakfast at 0830hrs
  • We logged so many miles the three previous days we decided to rest our bodies. I opted to Sleep til' I'm hungry and eat til' I'm sleepy!!!
  • Weather forecast calls for light rain all day
  • Marty & Charlie load up for a turkey hunt at 0900hrs� Me, the camp-bitch, stayed campside to relax and recoup.
  • Marty discovered he forgot his gun sling
  • Charlie is baffled at how the inside of his boots are wet having left them outside (see comment about "Light rain all day")
  • Marty & Charlie returned having been soaked to their kibbles-n-bits at 1000hrs
  • I climbed in the hammock for a mid-morning nap at 1045hrs
  • Lunch consisted of another MRE sitting by the river watching nature. Note to self: The Garlic Mashed Potatoes get two thumbs DOWN!
  • I climbed back into the hammock for my afternoon nap 1300-1400hrs� I awoke to a loud Riiiiiiip� Charlie's hammock ripped across the ass. It was later discovered that he had a small ember hole in the middle of his hammock
  • I found a small turtle on the ground which I took several photos of
  • I took a "waterless" bath as I didn't care to get fully immersed
  • We saw some lightening bugs
  • In bed by 2230hrs
  • Wind picked up to 25-30mph around midnight
  • 0215hrs my Tarp's guy lines went limp as the ridgeline loosened. I secured them and returned to bed. The wind was relentless and I was unable to get a good night's sleep as I could hear trees crashing not far from where we slept. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good nap in tomorrow.

Day 5:

16 miles, embarked @ 0900hrs

  • I woke up at 0730hrs
  • "Hills Have Eyes - Rednecks"
  • 1200hrs lunch on "Breezy Bluff" saw an evil grass snake, Marty got snagged by a trout line. Serves him right for teasing me with the snake
  • 1430hrs landed at "Creek Landing" Marty & Charlie went hog hunting at 1530hrs after we set up camp. They returned empty handed at 1630hrs
  • 2000hrs we are all awaiting dark so as to not feel guilty for going to sleep! We are all beat and tired having each mentioned the anticipation(s) of the "first shower" when we return!

Day 6:

12.0 miles, embarked @ 0845hrs

  • Woke up at 0700hrs (9 hours of sleep)
  • Heard a large gator grumbling
  • Arrived at Altamaha State Park at 1145hrs
  • Lynn came to pick us up
  • Time for a shower and a buffet!

Averaged 17 miles per day!


Two Jackson Cuda 14' kayaks, One Hobie Mirage Pro-Angler 14'




Highway 221 Hazelhurst, GA


Altamaha River Guide Map

Trip Details

  • Trip Duration: Extended Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

Trip Location