7 Mile Round Trip to Ocean and Back

  • Near the boat launch at beginning of trip

    Near the boat launch at beginning of trip

A self-supported trip created by stevojohnyson

Trip Overview

Launched from Ruth Bryan Owen Water Way Park and within 2 hours made it to the mouth of the canal to the ocean and back. You'll see beautiful homes on the canal and bigger and bigger yachts as you make you way further to the ocean. Very calm waters and beautiful scenery. Parking is available at the launch point although you're launching into manatee protected areas.

Safety Notes

Launch point is in a manatee protected area.

Trip Details

  • Trip Dates: 11/6/2021
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, Kayak Fishing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II)

Trip Location