4 Day Kayak Inn to Inn

$1,780.00 / person

Trip Overview

Does your ideal vacation include sea kayaking along rocky coastlines... paddling between small remote islands in search of sea birds, seals, porpoise, river otters, having the amazing opportunity to kayak with killer whales (orca whales) passing by in the distance and at the end of the day retreating to the most luxurious inns and dining at the best restaurants in the San Juan Islands? Let Crystal Seas take care of all the logistical details and provide you with all the activities and fun you will want on your next vacation!

Length: These tours range from 2-6 days in length.

Includes all accommodations, transportation, kayak gear, breakfast, picnic lunches, dinner and a happy hour beverage of your choice after the days activity. You will need to bring personal clothing and toiletries, a willingness to learn and a sense of adventure.

No experience is necessary.

Trip Location