Name: SouthsideYakker

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I currently own four kayaks -- and this one is by far my favorite. Even loaded down with gear in the twin storage compartments and me (at 6' 1" and 200 lbs) in the cockpit she's still maneuverable enough to get to any part of a wide lazy river in a hurry. No skeg on this boat, so if you just float in the current you will end up sideways -- but with even mediocre paddle technique straight line paddling is no problem. The seat is excellent -- and after some experimenting to find the right combination of footpeg and seat adjustment -- comfortable on an all day paddle. The cockpit is enormous and roomy. Excellently mannered on the flat and in Class I. And still good on Class II water -- provided you have a spray skirt. Without a proper spray skirt, the enormous cockpit will swamp if you plow through a wave or drop. I've seen some complaints about boat weight, but this one is easy for me to hoist onto one shoulder. Small and medium sized paddlers might want to consider the Solara 100 or the Kestrel. In my area other brands tend to get more attention, but I am thrilled to have discovered this boat.

This is the City Bus of sit on top kayaks (ours is affectionately known as large Marge the river barge). It's heavy by design and made to haul people and gear. With scupper plugs in you can comfortably get two adults, a small child and a cooler out on the lake or a lazy river for a day with plenty of room to stretch out. The strong keel means it tracks straight and it is quicker downriver than you would expect if it gets a little current pushing it. It's also very easy to paddle from the center seat either solo or with a non-paddling passenger up front. In this configuration it also turns pretty well, just remember to bring your long paddle (240cm) to avoid busting your knuckles as this is a wide boat. Molded seat design is good. The seat backs are fair but leave a little to be desired in the support department. However, at the price point these boats sell for you'll have enough to upgrade to a seat back of your preference. If you need a tandem or a triple with some flexibility at a great price point, this is a boat for you.