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Name: ratamacue

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After paddling a Mad River Malecite with a third [middle] seat solo for some time, I decided to buy a dedicated solo canoe. After researching the field, I ordered my PBW_Rapidfire late autumn/early winter 2012. Due to a very serious illness, I was forced to delay taking possession until sometime in the summer of 2013.

Strangely enough, the boat gave me something to look forward to and has subsequently been a fundamental part of my life since it arrived [Joe Moore was incredibly gracious about my need to delay accepting the canoe]. I have traveled rather extensively with it and paddlers often remark on how great it looks --- It IS a thing of beauty: reptilian green [my term!] with no maintenance, carbon fiber gunnels with a nice 'checkerboaard' pattern... ...all of which is fine. >>>HOWEVER<<< Of far greater significance is the seaworthiness, responsiveness and agility of the canoe - absolutely out of this world! The creator of the boat, places a pedestal seat [with clever height options] resulting in a really stable paddling sensation. There is no doubt in my mind that, on more than one occasion, upon finding myself in some rather awkward situation the Rapidfire was THE difference between avoiding a bad outcome and experiencing a learning opportunity. I trust the boat a great deal.

Some time after my illness, a family reunion took me to New York state, not far from the operation -- I stopped in with a few questions and he could not have been more gracious about answering questions, giving me a tour of his shop and even demonstrating the touching up of a ding. After seven years of regular use, I am so happy I bought the Rapidfire from him -- I simply cannot imagine another canoe I would prefer.