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Name: warnerster

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Wow - took it out on the water for first time today - wide part of the Potomac River with 5-10 knot gusts. Assembling it for the second time took me 10 - 15 minutes - next time probably 7 minutes or less. Disassembly even quicker and easier. I was super-impressed by the handing - great acceleration and stopping - perhaps because it is so light there is great energy transfer. Excellent performance into the wind, with sideways swells as well as tailwind. At first I had not installed the seat correctly and was uncomfortable. Spent a few minutes correcting that. Would be comfortable taking it out in stronger winds and a swell, with the bow and stern floatation devices and a skirt. I love the fact that it is so portable and easy to carry down my old narrow Townhouse passage and down the stairs into the basement. I recommend this kayak to all enthusiasts. Main thing is that performance and stability is great, is as comfortable or more so than all other kayaks I have rented and has portability and storage benefits. Easily fits into my car backseat.