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Name: BobS50

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I have just received my custom canoe bag from Red Leaf Design, formerly "The Bag Lady". It took just over 2 weeks to receive the bag however I have been told it may be longer during their busy season. There are 2 choices of bag materials, and I chose the one which has a greater UV resistance, WeatherMax. The bag is extremely well built with double and triple sewn seams, high quality cordage with hooks to attach the bag to the boat, and still allow for a heavy duty cable lock. The bag is trimmed with a highly reflective band in a few locations so as to increase visibility when you have the canoe on your car. It was very easy to purchase the right bag as they list all manufacturers and models. My Spitfire 13 by Placid Boatworks fits perfectly. When you have a nearly $4,000 boat, a bag of this quality will protect it from the elements whether you are transporting it or just leaving it on the rack. The /weatherMax is the recommended material if you leave your boat in a sunny location.

I have owned a variety of the PlacidBoatworks boats and the Spitfire 13 is by far my favorite. Joe Moore has created a lightweight pack canoe which weighs in between 19 and 20 pounds. it is a foot longer and an inch wider than the original Spitfire and the added length and width allow for a more stable ride, with more gear able to be stowed for longer canoe trips. it handles wonderfully in wind and waves up to 3 feet. I haven't had higher waves yet, but imagine it will do well as long as it's not too loaded with my dog or gear. I highly recommend any of the PlacidBoatworks boats, but the Spitfire 13 is my new favorite.