Name: dolphin_life

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I am absolutely in love with my 2019 Wilderness Systems Pungo 120! I can adjust my seat completely from within the kayak and adjust the foot pedals easily from sitting in my seat. It glides through the water with ease and rides so smooth. I started kayaking about 5 years ago with a sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS. at that time, I wasn't sure how much I would get into kayaking so I went with an inexpensive model to start. That same year I looked at a Wilderness Systems Pungo kayak and knew it was the one I wanted to upgrade to in the future since I quickly became addicted to paddling. My dream of owning a Pungo finally became reality this year and I've never been happier! The new dashboard is quite impressive and very versatile. I'm looking forward to adding the battery as an accessory and possibly solar panels. The new solid handles are also a very nice upgrade and make it easy to transport. Whether I'm paddling down a river or in a lake this kayak never disappoints me. It is literally so comfortable I can paddle all day long. I find my serenity in the water in my Wilderness Systems Pungo 120! I highly recommend this kayak to anyone who enjoys paddling. You won't be disappointed!