Name: paddler819803

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Meets expectations, and expectations were high. This is a smart piece of gear. It has exactly what I need: a place to hold my pump and paddle float, and a zippered pocket to hold my hard case in which I keep wallet and car keys. I keep one side of the clips attached to my deck lines, so with four clicks it snaps securely on my deck. It's cut my setting-up-to-launch time down nicely. The handle is made to flop under the pod so it doesn't stick out and risk you accidentally grabbing it instead of your skirt loop in case of wet exit. In practice, it sometimes does poke out, but it's bright orange, so if that's a concern, you'll notice it and can tuck it back under. Construction seems really solid. I really wanted this for xmas and no one got it for me. Glad I got it myself; it's a genuine asset.