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Name: vagabond17

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amazing trip to still water and beaver river with 100lbs of gear. handled great even against steady strong wind and waves coming back out. kept up with necky kayak that was 2 feet longer. used a 275cm paddle and felt just right. took some amazing pics but no idea how to submit them with this review. had another solo stripper canoe and 3 kayaks in the group and my vagabond was just as fast or faster with me paddling problems and holds as much gear as u can fit in it. i use a cloud 9 canoe seat strapped to the seat and it is very comfortable, can sit in it for hours.

Just bought one. 29lbs kevlar. Bought it for 3 and 5 day trips on lazy twisty rivers and on lakes. Paddles fine. Tracks straight enough. Turns decently. I use double paddle mostly. Sometimes bent paddle. I'm 5'7" and 200lbs. Fits great. Very stable. Can feel it push back when I try to roll it sideways. Prolly can take 120lbs of gear easily on a windy lake with waves. Alot more if calmer waters. I had me, my 168lbs nephew, and my 70lbs niece in it with me just fooling around and it paddled decently and still felt stable enough as long as they weren't squirming and moving around. That's like 430lbs. I think I could take that much gear on calm water even if the wind and waves pick up some but that's pushing its capacity. Typically I may have 80 to 120lbs gear with me and it can manage that fine.