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Name: Chetjenny

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We bought the 370 with the deluxe seats and went out on the Chickamauga, from Lee & Gordon Mills launch to the launch behind O’ Charlie’s. Over 5 miles! Because of all the debris from the tornado it was challenging but the kayak maneuvered well through all the fallen trees. Very sturdy! As beginners we were basically satisfied, but if was a bit challenging to keep this kayak on a straight path; it was a bit wobbly. The 3 ⭐️ is because the seats are VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. So much so that our butts‘ hurt 2 days later. Definitely tossing those out. We ended up sliding off them and having to repeatedly adjust ourselves trying to sit somewhat comfortable. That’s our main complaint. Otherwise it’s a good comfortable kayak and it’s spacious enough to have the necessary gear on board without being too cramped.

Updated: Transporting is super easy and setup is too. It takes about 10-15 minutes from unpacking to launching. When it arrived it was packed to where the kegs were completely flattened and bent sideways. We followed the instructions and with the hairdryer attempted to straighten them. We got them ALMOST straight and could definitely tell that they weren’t completely straight once trying to keep the kayak going straight. The O rings snapped and broke really easily before our first use even, but we’re hoping that won’t matter. The foot pump works really well and packs well in the bag, in the back of the kayak in case it’s needed. Again, the seats (deluxe) are super uncomfortable. But otherwise overall we like this kayak. It’s spacious and maneuvers really well ( even on a river that’s been hit with a tornado and has several trees down