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Name: Caribouboy

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I;ve owned a Delta 16 for 3 seasons now i consider myself a intermediate paddler. i really like this Kayak I'm 5'7 and 130lb and fit comfortably. Initial stability is pretty good bit wobbly when entering but nothing excessive secondary is excellent. Ive been out in some 13 to 20mph wind with easy 3ft washing machine type wave action for hours on the Kenai lake here in Alaska and was very happy with the total performance. As long as your paddling and working it forward you will go. I've also spent a fare amount of time in the Prince William Sound in Alaska on some camping trips and this rig can hold a lot of gear I mean swallow gear. The hatches are good size no problem getting things in there. The front day hatch is convenient and holds a good amount of things 16 oz orange juice sandwich couple fig bars pipe and smoke what ever works for you. Hatches rubber needs to be armorall on them thats what they suggest and it works with out you will find your self cursing those tremendously hard to get on lids with proper coating of armorall they go on like a breeze and are very water tight I barely have had any water in there. This boat sails on smooth water and cruises in the rough i'm am very impressed with its tracking unless your getting some serious side winds no need for the rudder. Talk of rudder with out the skeg taking up space the sterns hull space is huge! Rudder of skeg your choice. All in all i like this kayak and would recommend it 48lbs much better then my 62lb beast and at a not insane price range.