Name: dsiepman

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Wilderness Systems is somewhat rare in Europe, but now and then a second hand one pops up. I was lucky to find a Tsunami 125 for just 300 Euro in fine condition. Beforehand I specifically looked for this boat, because the claim was it was fast, compact and stable. Indeed it is! For such a short boat it is remarkably fast, especially considering it is unbelievably stable. With just 388 cm in length it's so easy to transport on the car and so much fun zigzagging through the many narrow, meandering water ways here in the Netherlands. Still, a large lake with choppy water is big fun too. The seat is brilliant, compartments are roomy, deck lines provide possibility for self-rescue, boat tracks very well despite lack of skeg. The 125 was the main reason I bought a second kayak: the Tsunami 165! Now sea kayaking becomes a possibility too!