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I was a new paddler when my husband first started to talk me into buying an Eddyline. I wasn't convinced they were worth the $$$, but after a few years in 10' plastic boats, I realized I was ready for something faster and higher quality. 4 years later, I am thrilled we went for it. We paddle all over the west, searching out lakes, reservoirs and wide rivers to explore. Even in high winds I know I can handle the boat and make it to wherever I need to go - they're fast, sleek, stable and have a low profile that just glides through waves and wakes. I'm 63 years old, slightly overweight and try to paddle almost every weekend during the summer. I have back issues and this comfortable boat allows me to still be active when other things I used to do are no longer options. The construction is impeccable, the boat is stable, the seats are super comfortable, the foot pegs are easy to adjust and the boats are so lightweight for their length. They are worth every penny, and I encourage paddlers that are ready to step up to the best to just go for it. I have never looked back, and enjoy every minute of paddling since we got our Eddylines.