Name: CedarOliver

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As a longtime paddler who had never owned my own kayak, this purchase was a big deal to me and I looked at many brands and models. When I saw the gorgeous Equinox, it was love at first sight. Now, after years of frequent use, I’m every bit as in love. And it still looks brand new, astoundingly. Light and durable, it’s taken many hits and bottom drags and never shown it. It is magically slim enough to track fast and sure, but with a cockpit wide enough to get in and out easily. Every detail from storage cover to handles is designed to be durable, reliable, and did I mention gorgeous? Enough keel to track straight in wind and waves, but not enough to make it hard to turn on a dime in tight places. Whenever I let friends try it, they are amazed how much faster it goes than their kayak. Plus it was priced like a kayak half the quality. I’m tall, so the very adjustable seat and ample leg room were essentials for me. If you are looking for a recreational kayak, the Equinox is an incredible go-anywhere boat engineered like a sports car.