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Name: paddler778720

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Terrific kayak with a great price. Took this kayak over class I and class II rapids, and hit almost every rock. Also took the kayak through 4 beaver dams that required 1 person to get out and pull the kayak over to the other side with all the other weight on board. The kayak has a weight limit of 400lb, I had 397lb on board with 2 people and a dry bag. The trip was 3.7 miles long. Throughout the trip I would attach or remove the skeg depending on how deep the water was. Towards the end of the trip I mad a horrible mistake and left the skeg on when approaching the last set of rapids. Truth was I didn't feel like getting out of the boat again since I was so close to the end. The fin ripped off pulling the piece off that attaches the fin to the boat, creating a dime size hole on the bottom of the boat. Since the kayak has 5 air chambers, the kayak stayed afloat, but with no air on the floor of the kayak, you felt every rock that the kayak hit. One downside with the kayak and hitting rocks, is that the piece that the skeg attaches to looses its locking feature from all the damage that it takes. I would recommend this kayak to everyone.