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Name: Darroes

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Purchased my delta 12.10 last May as my first kayak. I've been blown away with how good this kayak has been for the price. I'd been debating between this and a Delta 16 for my first kayak. I ended up with the 12.10 due to price and the fact that my legs are too long to fit properly in the 16. The 12.10 is super light weight and easy to get on and off the roof of my CUV. Highly maneuverable due to being a bit shorter than a full touring kayak. And very stable to get in and out of due to it being a little wider at 25". This kayak has tons of storage for its length. The hatches keep everything dry, I've yet to see any water leak in. They're also much nicer to use than the ones on the Tsunami 165 I rented a little while back. Highly recommend the 12.10 as a starter kayak or a solid day tripper. I plan to do a 3 day trip in Killarney, ON with it later in the year.