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Name: Tuuli

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My primary use for the Vagabond is lake paddling and fishing with no load other than my 210lbs and it works fine for that. Coming from a Wenonah Prism, the Vagabond feels slow and doesn't stay straight nearly as easily. You'll want to use a kayak paddle on lakes to keep up any speed. It is less twitchy without a load than the Prism and handles trailing waves better because you sit lower in the water, and it's definitely easier to turn against a strong side wind. I took it on one 4 day BWCA trip with 30lbs of gear and it did okay but I wished I was in a longer canoe. I ordered my Vagabond with a non-adjustable webbed bench seat in the middle to avoid the creaking noise Wenonah's metal hang plates can make and because I knew I would never be kneeling.