Name: Grizzlyjiz

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This is a great little canoe. I'm in Omaha Nebraska which is not known for its canoeing. My typical paddle involves smaller reservoirs and streams and some large fast-flowing flatwater rivers. I'm a larger paddler 6'2" and 240lb. These canoe suites me very well. I purchased in the tuff stuff layup so it is easy to load and unload or just carry around to different sites close by. The small sizes allow me to portage over log jams in narrow creeks with very little difficulty. On open and windy water I am able to keep the canoe pointed in the right direction and it maintains great stability. I have had it out for some longer 20+ mile fast flatwater river trips and it does very well. Easy to maneuver and get in and out of eddies, the size makes it great to hop out anywhere along the bank for a break or lunch. So far I have not done any overnight trips but this would definitely hold enough gear for a night or two.