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Name: Geoffrey

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I just purchased a new Delta 16 and took it for its first outing. It was a great experience - everything I expected… I am new to kayaking but have many years canoeing. I just turned 60 and I am 6.0 feet tall, 210 lbs and with an inseam of 34 inches, and the fit in my Delta 16 is excellent. I have one additional setting to expand the seat backwards and the foot pads have a notch of two remaining. I also found the cockpit opening to have ample room for entry/exit.

I found the contour seat to be very comfortable and has a very sound and simplistic design concept. I added the Contour Seat Hip Pad Kit (all four pads), which is a must, and the fit is much improved. The thigh braces make pretty fair contact but I will probable place some additional padding for better control.

I performed extensive research on the internet and bought my Delta 16 sight unseen as there are limited dealers in the Austin, Texas area; I had to rely on conversations from experienced kayakers and videos capturing my intended use and development of kayaking skills… I found, the largest Delta Kayak Dealer, to have the most extensive information regarding the paddler’s size, weight, cargo area and performance metrics as well as comparing them to other higher end kayak manufacturers.

I thought that the 22 inch beam width would make the kayak feel a little tippy, but I was pleasantly surprised with the initial stability. I have yet to develop any edging techniques at this time so I cannot comment of the secondary stability but I believe the enhance soft chine and moderate rocker with be exactly what I need. I found the kayak came up to speed quickly and easily with my Greenland paddle and the tracking was very good without the rudder in the 10 to 15 mph winds.

I would highly recommend the Delta 16 kayak for any level of paddler, especially for those wanting to explore advancing their skills… The styling, construction, and manufacturing is expectational.