Name: Belen

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A 5 stars accessory: Deck Pod, the new Gearlab product for paddlers.

I think is just what we need to organise our kayaking essentials in an easy and fast way to get it while paddling, without stopping to open any storage compartment (forget twisting to get something from it).

I use to carry hydration bladder (no more bottles exposed outside or turning inside the kayak), pump (so easy to free it from de Deck pod), paddle float, river knife, lip stick sun protection, sun cream, nose clip, some food (like dry fruit snacks or energy sticks), even the camera or other gadgets.

I highly recommend it. Another advantage is that avoid water if necessary, so you don’t have to worry about.

I’m in love with the design that fits my kayak, Gearlab takes care of every detail and the finish is fantastic, the materials they use are high quality and that makes the item an essential for kayaking comfortably. I like the easy way you can fix it in and release it from the Kayak’s deck with buckles.

For me, I just see advantages on it.

It’s not the only Gearlab product I use, I’m so happy with all of them, but it seems that they improve in every new accessory they design. Recently it’s been awarded with best paddling transport/storage/launching from Paddling Magazine Industry Awards, which is another recognition to the accessory.

It’s a very good investment for kayakers, I truly recommend Deck Pod from Gearlab.