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Hey Guy's , so after paddling on and off for the last six to eight months in different environments and conditions with the Malik greenland paddle, I can reassure you that it is a great paddle for beginners and intermediate paddlers. This paddle is not a performance paddle, like for instance the new full carbon Kalleq paddle, it is more of a all around general use paddle that performs just like a wooden greenland paddle would and even better. The Malik is a excellent shouldered Inuit style recreational touring paddle to use on day trip and even for longer adventures. The advantages of this greenland style paddle with it's narrow blade design, is that it puts less strain on our body, like the shoulders, wrists and elbows, and feels more like an extension of our arms witch allows us to travel longer distances by saving energy while enjoying the nature that surrounds us. This new plastic stick is the first on the market and so much fun to paddle with. It is very smooth and quiet and does everything well, like rolls, braces and different paddling strokes and maneuvers. The paddle is fairly light and buoyant, made out of tough, durable polypropylene material with replaceable tips that will last for many years. It's an awesome two pcs paddle that is easily stored on the front deck and witch makes it easier to travel with. I recommend this product for anyone interested in recreational kayaking that wants to progress with their paddling stokes and enjoy the sport . Cheers and stay safe!

So I've done a few short expeditions and day excursions with the Deck Pod on my kayak and I really like it, it's super convenient. The new Pod is made with durable materials that will last for years. It was designed to secure the pump and paddle float and have an hydration pack at arms reach and to store some other accessories (snacks, spare compass ect. ) in the middle compartment ( approx. 3 litres.) It's not a dry deck bag, it has a mesh back section for water to evacuate. The Deck Pod is attached to the deck lines with easy loop through straps/buckle clip nice and tight and is easily accessible from the cockpit. I've done some rolls and paddled in windy and rough sea state conditions, and being narrow and low profile, it did not affect my paddling at all, i'm super happy with it. I give it a thumbs up Gearlab.