Name: RR1

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Recently bought a GearLab Akiak paddle and I'm very impressed with the quality, feel and performance of this paddle. My normal go-to is a carbon fibre Accent paddle which has always served me well but in the interest of learning the Greenland paddle, going easier on my body, and to have a second paddle on longer trips, I decided to invest in the Akiak. The Greenland paddle requires a different paddling technique to get the most out of it but so far I can keep up on sprints and rolling feels all the more natural with the Akiak. Highly recommended! My only wish is that for a paddle of this price point, and considering other models from GearLab are able to be engraved/personalized, I would've liked that choice with the Akiak as well but this wasn't an option. Otherwise, a well performing, light paddle that I will enjoy for years to come.