Name: 7imothy

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Still a really dry bag, going on 8 years of heavy use.

A tribute to our tributes! I love this kayak, my partner and I each got one for a great deal. It has a great shape and tracks really well. It's the perfect size for long day trips or light one-nighters. Super impressed with the comfortable seat and how adjustable it is. The weight and slim profile have also made transporting them a breeze. We have taken them on loads of lakes, protected bays with little tidal influence and on some relatively chill creeks as well and they handle very predictably for 10 footers.

My favorite part of my set up is definitely this paddle. It's light enough to use for days and days and the button to split it in two pieces is flush and doesn't get caught on anything like some previous paddles I've had. The adjustable ferrule is a nice feature as well. It also just looks really nice, it stands out in all my pictures and I love how it looks in the water.