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This is a follow up to my previous review. The missus and I did use the Stillwater on the Colorado from Glen Canyon Dam down to Lee's Ferry. This would be an awesome adventure in any thing that floats, but a good old trusty canoe is the perfect vehicle for a two day adventure that you will never forget. Now about the Stillwater, well it is one heck of a stable canoe, never a single moment of fright that we were going swimming. It is so stable that when we spotted turbulent water ahead, we paddle right for it and enjoyed the ride. There is a trade off and that is that it is not a race horse. Once you realise that and decide to relax and enjoy the trip, all is well. This would be a GREAT fishing canoe for smaller lakes and ponds. It is a GREAT canoe for the family. If you have kids or dogs that can't sit still, this is THE canoe you want. And it is a real good looking canoe as well. We got compliments everywhere we took it. I re-did the gunnels in ash and the boat was absolutely stunning. Other than it might not be the fastest canoe in a race, there is nothing negative about it.

True Love at First Paddle. Bought a used Malecite in Kevlar recently and took it to a small lake nearby. This one has the center seat for solo paddlers and when I used that position with a 52" bent paddle the canoe took off like the space shuttle. I was shocked. Twice! Not only does this 16'6" canoe get up and go, but it also turns easy when I want it too. With the missus up front and me in the back, combined weight of 330 lbs, the canoe feels fine but not spectacular. No the shocker is how well it rips with just a solo paddler in the middle with a bent shaft paddle, what a perfect combination that makes!

The Stillwater does have a wide flat bottom. This makes it very stable and a little slower than a canoe with a slightly rounded or arched bottom. But it isn't a slug by any means! Frankly I was expecting it to be REALLY slow, but once I got her out on the lake I was quite surprised to find we could cover some distance quite easily. The Stillwater also has lots of room inside for all your gear, due to the wide flat bottom.
I also have a Old Town Canadienne, which is built for speed. The Stillwater is a mite slower, but turns quicker, and would be a better boat for camping with two people, a dog, and a bunch of gear. In fact, me and the wife are going to take the Stillwater up to The Colorado River and float down Glen Canyon from the dam to Lee's Ferry. I think it's the perfect canoe for that job.