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Name: WonButi

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I submitted a review back 4-23-2001. I love this canoe. Not only is it beautiful to look at (forest green with ash gunnel's and walnut end caps) it functions excellently. Flat water, white water, wind, cold and rain, loaded with kids, has been great over the 14 years I have owned and paddled. I have been in this canoe with my young boys in some awful condition and NEVER felt insecure (I LOVE the tumblehome it has). It have provided me with crazy adventures and fun and NEVER let me down. Only negative is that it seems to me that the royalex is softer than other brands. That being said I have added kevlar skid plates front and rear (excuse me bow and stern). That and a bit of sanding / watco on the wood and everything is great! My original review was an 8 because I could only say that this canoe was better than 80% of the canoes out I would rate it 9.5 because while I love it and would get another I am guessing there maybe another canoe SOMEWHERE in the world that is better....for now this is the best I have ever had.