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Name: paddler513542

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This is my second kayak, and first inflatable kayak. It is great for recreation and traveling. But it does not have the distance capabilities of my 17.5 Ocean Voyager kayak. Pros: 1. Rides better than any other inflatable I've tried; It is great for flat waters 2. Very space efficient. When it is deflated and packed in its bag it can fit in my small suv truck with room for all my other gear 3. Very portable. It seems to be easier to carry then my hard shell kayak, just cause it is not so bulky and has alittle give in it. 4. Very stable. You really have to try to flip this, It is great for entry paddlers who would be fearful of flipping.

Cons: 1. I thought the material would be similar to like Ocoee river boats, seems to be cheaper and less durable. 2. Does not come with a quick dry patch kit. In order to patch it you must completely dry the kayak, glue on the patch, then wait 12 hours. This means if you take it on a weekend camping trip to a lake and get a hole, you are pretty much not using your kayak that trip. 3. I am 5'10 and I have just enough leg room, for larger paddlers it could be difficult to fit in. 4. Cargo space is limited. 5. I have not been able to tell a difference with or without the spray skirt. Still tends to let water in in heavy waves. 6. Alittle Heavy. Overall: It's cheaper and faster to set-up than a folding kayak. It's not as sturdy or quite as fast as a hard-shell, but it's far more portable and easy to store. It's faster and more stable than a cheaper inflatable. It's a very good compromise kayak and though it may not last that long, I'll probably get another one.