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Name: paddler499850

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Received this as a gift 15 years ago from my wife. I think I will keep her! I initially used this for canoe camping, heavily loaded with gear. It was OK for that, but a little narrow to haul huge loads. I found it to be on the tippy side, but after I lowered the seats 2 1/2" it was better. Not having a distinct keel it is difficult for beginner paddlers to track a straight line. I have laughed my head of watching the crew fight each other as they snake along. Eventually, this became my preferred solo boat. Leaving just the center seat it could haul sufficient gear, my 65lb. dog and me for a five day camping trip. Without a load it is a dream to paddle, although with the 16' 6" length it would struggle in high winds. Pros: -Versatile seat arrangements(nice solo boat) -Easy to paddle and glide -Manageable weight Cons: -Difficult for beginners to track straight -Seats too high for stability(fixable) -Marginal hauling capacity