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A well designed and packed full of critical features needed to enjoy a long day or overnite trip. This Kayak does a lot of things well, including for be the overall size which will typically accommodate 97% of all trips spent on water. Too many people get a giant 17-19 ft sea kayak only to end up on Lakes and Rivers most of their life. This boat will track well in large lakes, but also maneuver up the crooked creeks, and able to turn sharply. Finally price, this is well suited to compete easily with many other models that cost 1400-2500 range. Only part I would change would be to add edging protection from day one to avoid scrapes on shallow river beds and entry or departure from shore.

The edge 14.5 does just about everything very well. The size is perfect length for 85% of most kayaking trips. It does not have that extra 3 feet or so , which hinders sea kayaks on most smaller river trips. The colors are good, and it is equipped with good hatches for enough cargo space to even camp for a few days. Bungee cords are played out nice and the overall look is impressive .