Name: Paul-M_Kirby

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Beautifully made, incredibly lightweight and great motion through the paddle-stroke that is easy on the arms without sacrificing force in the water. I love my Akiak paddle and will be using it on future sea kayak expeditions.
GearLab produce quality merchandise and are one of a handful of companies making high quality carbon-fiber Greenland paddles. There are some great small independent companies in the Pacific NorthWest too - all in the same price range ($300 to $400), but you truly get what you pay for.
I opted for the GearLab Akiak because they come with replacement tips - the most common area on the paddle for damage. I've read (and believe) that when a carbon-fiber paddle gets a crack it is pretty much rendered useless. GearLab have addressed this issue by providing the replacement tips. Reassuring to have on a long trip.
I am definitely a convert from European to Greenland paddles. European paddles have their place. I think I will always use my European paddles for my packraft, for those swift-water maneuvers. But for touring, I've found a winner in the Greenland style. The Inuit have been using this style for centuries and for good reason. Only a practical design would stand up to the test of time. I wouldn't hesitate in spending the money on one the Akiak. You won't be disappointed.