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There isn't any one perfect boat just like there isn't one perfect fishing rod or for that matter anything else. But the Slayer XC fits into several paddling kayak categories about as perfect as one can get. It is very roomy with a very comfortable high seat and paddling position. This makes for excellent long days on the water. Also because of the high seat position, one can easily stand and fish or just stretch if you aren't into stand-up-fishing. The market tends to settle on a 12' long boat for most general fishing and this boat fits into that category. It is wide so it is very stable but not the fastest paddling boat compared to longer more narrow kayaks. The hull design is suited for river paddling where very quick turns are need to crank into eddies or spin behind trees. But with the simple turn of a handle well placed on the side, a rear skeg drops down and the boat tracks as well as any 14' long kayak ever thought about just don't get the hull speed of that longer boat. What you do get in return is fantastic roominess for moving around in your boat along with areas to store those many rods we tend to carry with us. There is ample room under the seat for tackle boxes, a huge tankwell, a very large removable electronics pod, and truly dry storage under the front hatch cover. There are front rod tip protectors, a paddle keeper, and even molded in rear drag chain channels for river or drift fishing. But wait...there is more that some of the other leading boats don't simple molded in tool keepers and that always appreciated water bottle holder. What makes this boat a keeper for me is that flat out roominess of the boat, the high comfort of the great seat, and that retractable skeg just flat out works. Native has a proven track record with excellent customer service and an unbeatable warranty...something you don't get from any box store. I guess one last thing I'll add is that this boat also works for really large fishermen. It can easily handle larger people that used to have about only one other choice for a paddling kayak that is stable and roomy.