Name: Kenton-Erwin

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I'm 6'4" and 182 lbx, with size 14 shoes. Was looking for a faster, lighter boat than our poly/roto Jackson Journey 14'. I love the fit and finish of the Equinox--it is a seriously beautiful boat. Love the lighter weight also (about 14 lbs lighter than the Journey). The Equinox's deeper-V keel makes it track like a dream, whereas the Journey's flat bottom (OK, if we stretch, we can call it a "U") means you are constantly fighting crosswinds and other tendencies to veer off course. I'm not sure if the Equinox is any faster than the Journey, but maybe a tad. The Equinox definitely is more efficient than the Journey (especially our older Journey with its scratched-up hull)--doesn't require as much work to go the same speed. And with its super-smooth, nearly-rigid hull, the Equinox glides like an eagle! I stopped paddling on still water with no wind, and measured 85 yards glided, and was still going but so slowly that I got bored and stopped the experiment early. I bet our Journey wouldn't glide half as far. And yet the very best thing about the Equinox is its fantastic stability. Wow! You can almost dip your shoulder sideways into the water and still not tip the boat over. That is some serious secondary stability. I think you get that superb stability through the greater width of the boat (although, even with all that width, my feet only barely bit when on the footrests--the heels touch together), which costs you speed. Overall, I'm very happy. Might turn this boat over to my spouse, if I get a Eddyline Sitka XT. Or we might buy another Equinox. Not the fastest kayak on the water, but in every other way it is outstanding, for the lower cost. No reason to buy fiberglass, when you can get this boat for half the cost.