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Name: Steve_K

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Great value, holding up well. I use this for canoeing and to a lesser extent kayaking, The pockets are big enough for a large cell phone. Many adjustments. Key ring loops. Comfortable. I am 6' 198LBS L/XL is a good fit.

Great affordable paddle. Light and quiet in the water. Quiet for underwater recovery stroke. The rock guard is sufficient. The palm grip is comfortable.

Comfortable grip and oval shaft. Lightweight and stiff. The rock guard protection covers the edge of the entire blade and the finish on the paddle is tough. The pattern on the blade is attractive and the paddle is quiet in the water.

Unbeatable for the price.

Bought 2 of them, one in 54" and one in 60". Lightweight and comfortable grip and oval shaft. The palm grip is asymetrical, The front is scooped and the back is rounded, The grip fills the palm of the hand nicely. The rock protection doesn't cover the entire edge of the blade, but after a 2 week lakeside trip where I used these daily, my assessment is that the critical portion of the blade is protected. Quiet in the water. I would definitely buy again.

First outing: I took it out solo today on a local canal. Gusty wind and 2” chop from the wind.

I was a little nervous about the length of the boat for solo use, but that was immediately dispelled when I took it out - the boat feels smaller than it is, I'm just under 6' tall and the solo position is perfect The width at the solo spot was very comfortable for a vertical paddle position, but wide enough that I was not heeling over unintentionally.

The boat tracks well and is very responsive. Lively but also really stabile. Very quiet in the water. The seats are very comfortable and lock you into a good position. At 40lbs I can easily get it onto my SUV and portaging is a breeze.