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Name: Tnic

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I can't believe this boat was built in 1994!

I'm a rank novice and love how well she handles. This my first true touring kayak and so far I'm very pleased with my boat. I was a little worried about the 23" beam, but I feel quite stable in her. She moves right along and has just enough rocker to turn well and the skeg does a fine job of countering wind and wave for straight tracking. Some have expressed concern over the small ocean cockpit, but at my age I can still slip in and out easily. You have to slide in straight legged off the rear deck and visa versa to get out, not a big deal for me.

She needs new deck rigging and skeg controls and I replaced the dilapidated hatch covers, one was gone completely the other was just a tattered rubber rim. Other than that the boat's in terrific shape with no deep gouges or heavy scratches. She'll be ready for another 25 years of adventure this summer, which means at 62 she'll far outlast me.

I have yet to do any trips, but after a couple test packings I'll have room to spare and still have everything I need for a pleasant weekend or even a week long camping trip.