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Name: stvhicks

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Game changer for a beginner or intermediate! Once I realized that my original paddle was too long, and that it was affecting my ability to learn/hold more advanced/new rolling techniques, I went looking for another paddle. I needed to be between 195 - 200 cm and had been looking at up to $250 to get the right one. Being my first full season in WW kayaking I didn't want to spend that much for a paddle, without having some practical experience. I have been pleasantly surprised with this paddle.

This is a great paddle for the beginner/intermediate kayaker. I immediately was able to get the set-up for my rolls down easier, and there is a noticeable difference in how I move. It is stiff and light- I've used it for the majority of this season and it's held up to everything I've beat it against. It still feels solid and nothing has loosened up at all.

I now know that white water paddles need to be shorter than for other kayaks.. so make sure you get the right size. I went with the old " fingertips should just be able to wrap over the end of the paddle" guide, and my rolls and techniques (as basic as they are) suffered. Once I went with a shorter paddle, and used the right height table - the difference was immediate. I am 5'-10" and I got the 200 cm.