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Name: RiotKing

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First, some perspective: I am a 5'8", 170lb novice-to-intermediate paddler with experience gained through local kayaking clubs. This is a review of the rotomolded polyethylene 2015 model which I bought like new 2 years ago. I've taken this kayak out on many 1-3 hr jaunts on small, calm lakes after work as well as longer day trips on Class II (and III, when flooded) streams in Iowa and Minnesota and the choppy open waters of Rainy Lake, Ontario.

The Edge was a rare garage sale find. It is solidly constructed with ample rigging and storage space for a week-long trip I am planning this fall, The day hatch in front of the cockpit is convenient, but I notice the threading tends to stick on hot, humid days. The rudder, which is operated by foot braces, has been most useful as a skeg on windy days since I prefer to practice edge-turns, but it is very responsive. The seat is quite comfortable with some adjustment options, but the back was too high above the cockpit combing to allow a sprayskirt. It also impeded in-water recovery a bit, so I replaced it. The cockpit opening is comfortably large, but probably a little too wide for my body size.

My biggest complaint is the weight. At 51 lbs, it is quite difficult to load onto my roof rack and to portage. It also takes more power to match the speed of composite boats of similar length, but the Edge still far outmaneuvers shorter rental recreational kayaks. The durable polyethylene does stand up to frequent bumps and scrapes when water levels are lower though. Primary stability is slightly tippy at first, but is good for someone already comfortable on the water. Secondary stability is okay, but I think I would be better suited with a narrower cockpit that would be easier for me to brace. It is very fun to cut through small deck-breaking waves and rolling rapids and I feel secure enough in these conditions.

Overall, I think the Edge is a great river and lake touring boat for an intermediate, average-sized paddler without the budget to afford a composite model. I expect it will last me many years as my first kayak, and then many more for situations where a composite would not be as appropriate.