Name: paddler458070

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This yak has been the answer to my prayers. I got a very late start into the world of kayaks. As a senior, thinking I needed an ultra light weight yak I purchased a fairly high level expensive first yak. It was like trying to paddle a cork in even the most moderate breeze. Took a Tsunami for a trial and never looked back, bought 2 (a 125 for the wife). This thing tracks like its on rails. It is rudder ready, but I have yet to need one. Its fast, maneuverable, has tons of storage (especially like the on deck storage and bottle holder) and is only 10 pounds heavier than my prior "cork".

Drove 4 hours to kayak demo in NC. Paddled several as I am transitioning from a recreational yak to a touring yak. My expensive recreational yak tracks like a cork in all but the calmest conditions. I was initially concerned about giving up some stability. All my concerns we answered by the 145. I am a bigger guy (6'1'',225) and this yak fit perfectly. Easy in and out, terrific seat, with multiple adjustments. Very stable and it tracked like it was on rails, even in the moderate wind at the time. Do not see the need for a rudder for me. Storage is cavernous. Deck storage bags are a neat feature as is the under deck water bottle holder. After demo, got out drove to store and bought one. Smart move.